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Understanding Vein Disease

Spider Veins

Unhealthy veins just underneath the skin, most commonly located on the lower extremities. They’re usually blue, red, or purple in color.

Varicose Veins

Enlarged or unhealthy veins that are normally red or purple in color. They arise due to high pressure in veins slightly deeper within the leg.

Venous Insufficiency

A circulatory disorder that normally occurs in men or women of any age. It is the root cause of spider and varicose veins associated with leg heaviness and discomfort.

Pelvic Venous Congestion

A chronic condition that occurs in women when varicose veins develop in the pelvic area. Up to 30 percent of women with chronic pelvic vein suffer from pelvic congestion syndrome.

Deep Vein Thrombosis

Commonly overlooked at inexperienced vein clinics, disorders of the deep venous system often include deep vein thrombosis and obstruction of the vein from scar tissue or compression.

Minimally-Invasive Vein Procedures

Modern, minimally invasive vein treatments are your solution for spider and varicose veins at the Vein Specialist Centers.

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Sclerotherapy is a medical procedure that involves the injection of a salt solution called the sclerosant into a vein to completely obliterate it.

RF Vein Ablation

Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) is a technique that uses thermal energy to damage the vein, resulting in the immediate closure of the vein.


Venaseal is a unique minimally invasive medical adhesive that’s used to treat varicose veins painlessly, quickly, and effectively.

Laser Vein Ablation

Endovenous laser ablation (EVLA) is highly effective and users laser energy to cause the vein to collapse and eventually disappear.

Meet Our Doctors

Your journey for vein wellness begins with our team of Board-Certified Vein Doctors.
Our top-rated vein specialists are experts in modern vein treatment solutions for spider and varicose veins.

Harvard University

Dr. Alissa Brotman O’Neill

Dr. Brotman O’Neill is recognized as a leader in the field of venous disease, including varicose veins and disorders of the deep venous system. She was present for the first venous ClariVein procedure on humans in the United States and was the first to perform this technique in Mercer County, NJ.

Meet Dr. Brotman

Yale University

Dr. Faisal Siddiqi

Dr. Faisal Siddiqi is the medical director of our vein treatment centers in New York and New Jersey. He has consistently been voted as a Top Doctor in New Jersey by Jersey’s Choice and Castle Connolly. As one of the best vein doctors in New York and New Jersey, Dr. Siddiqi proudly offers the latest technology available for spider and varicose vein treatments.

Meet Dr. Siddiqi

Drexel University

Dr. Simon Smith

Dr. Simon Smith maintains five board certifications including cardiovascular medicine and Vascular Ultrasound Interpretation (RPVI). His post-fellowship focus has been on the diagnosis and treatment of vascular disease and varicose veins. Dr. Smith is a well respected vein specialist and expert with the latest technologies.

Meet Dr. Smith


Dr. Claudia Rios-Datta

Dr. Rios-Datta is a pioneer in cryo-sclerotherapy, which quickly turned spider vein treatments into pain-free, minimally invasive, outpatient procedures in 2000. As a result, the media crowned her the “Vein Queen” during its coverage of the breakthrough medical advancement.

Meet Dr. Rios-Datta

Our Board Certified Experts are the Best Vein Specialists in New York and New Jersey

Vein Specialist Centers is led by our double board-certified vascular surgeon, Dr. Alissa Brotman-O’Neill. She is consistently voted for Top Doc in SJ Magazine, NJ Top Doctors, Talk of the Town, and Compassionate Doctor on Vitals.

Not all vein doctors are vascular surgeons, and by no means are all vascular surgeons vein experts. Having completed fellowship training and board-certifications, Dr. Brotman has numerous years of experience in applying minimally invasive procedures to complex vein conditions. As President-elect for the New Jersey Vascular Surgical Society, she is committed to remaining up to date on all the latest research and technologies in the treatment of vein disease.

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Vein Specialist Centers gives the best patient experiences and outcomes for your varicose vein treatment

We want our doctors and patients to feel comfortable with one another. Treating spider and varicose veins effectively take both time and expertise.

Our doctors are scheduled with less than half the number of patients of traditional vein clinics in New York and New Jersey, which means less waiting room time and more time spent with your doctor getting you the best results. You’ll never feel rushed through your appointment. Together, we will develop a personalized plan to minimize recovery times and enable patients to return to normal activities with healthier veins.

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