Looking for top quality spider vein treatment in NJ? 

Looking for top quality spider vein treatment in NJ? 

Looking for top quality spider vein treatment in NJ?  150 150 daniadmin

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Spider veins are disheartening and unfortunately, seem to become more and more noticeable with each day.  If you are looking for solutions, the answer lies with finding the best vein clinic. While many doctors can offer temporary solutions, the primary goal is long-lasting relief that is quick and easy.

Spider vein treatment in NJ: How do I find the right vein clinic?

The simple thing to do is start an internet search for a reputable vein clinic.  While the strategy is right, the information can be overwhelming. We present this easy guide to help you find the right vein doctor for you.

Vein treatment must be done only by vascular specialists

Treating spider veins and varicose veins should be left to the experts. In this case, that means doctors who have received formal residency or fellowship training in vascular disease. This can be from one of three specialties: Vascular surgery, interventional radiology or interventional cardiology.  While other specialties can receive post-graduate education on vein treatments, this is not uniform and the results can be quite variable. In the worst-case scenario, you can subject yourself to someone who is not fully prepared to deliver safe and effective treatments.

The clinic should offer multiple treatment options

Vein clinics should be well-versed in all modalities for spider vein treatment.  Be prepared to ask your vascular specialist about liquid sclerotherapy, foam sclerotherapy and laser treatment for spider veins.  Each therapy has a role in vein treatment and should be discussed by your vein doctor for a comprehensive plan.

Peer recognition

The best clinics are recognized for their commitment to the highest quality of care.  Our team has been consistently recognized both by our physician colleagues and patients.  Recognitions we are proud of include Castle Connolly’s Top Doctor, NJ Top Doc, and Philadelphia’s Best Doctors.  Dr Alissa Brotman O’Neill also currently serves as the President-elect of the Vascular Society of New Jersey and is part of the active teaching staff at the Rowan Medical School.

Spider Vein Treatment in NJ:

Vein doctors prefer sclerotherapy for spider veins on the legs because it is more effective and better-suited for a larger number of veins (spider veins, reticular veins, venulectasias).  In this office-based procedure, the vein doctor injects a sclerosing agent into the undesirable surface veins. This is done using very fine needles that are virtually painless. The sclerosant works by disrupting the vein walls leading the vein to collapse and gradually disappear for good.

There are certain instances where laser light therapy is preferred.  This includes very fine, thread-like veins that would be difficult to deliver any of the sclerosant.  The face and feet are also considered better suited for laser treatment because the thin skin in these areas is more prone to staining from the medication.  With laser therapy, a beam of energy is directed right over the spider veins, and heat from the laser light causes the veins to shrink.

A knowledgeable vein doctor will consider both treatment options and tailor a plan suited for your cosmetic goals.

How effective is Spider Vein treatment?

In most cases, spider vein treatment is quite effective with both sclerotherapy and laser treatment.  However, in patients with symptoms or rapidly evolving spider veins, a qualified vein specialist will consider underlying venous insufficiency before any cosmetic treatment.   We can think of venous insufficiency as being a leaky pipe underneath the surface of the skin. The overflow on this vein turns up on the skin as spider and varicose veins. Treating venous insufficiency first will help not only alleviate symptoms, but also improve cosmetic results with sclerotherapy.   Venous insufficiency is treated in modern vein clinics with minimally-invasive procedures. Your vein doctor may recommend:

  • Radiofrequency ablation
  • Endovenous laser ablation
  • VenaSeal
  • ClariVein
  • Varithena

 Our Mission at the Princeton Vascular Clinic:

If you are seeking a one-stop solution for spider veins in New Jersey, the Princeton Vascular Center is a state-of-the-art facility with multiple convenient locations.  Our team is staffed only by formally-trained vein specialists providing the latest advances in vein medicine for exemplary care.

To learn more about spider vein treatment at our vein clinics, consider an online consultation or come in for a visit.

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