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Why Vein Specialist Centers?

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Why Vein Specialist Centers?

A quick glance on the internet today will show multiple sites for spider and varicose vein treatment from providers with different backgrounds.   Due to the loose definitions of vein specialists, several specialities without formal training in vascular disease offer vein treatments as a part of their practice.  The issue was highlighted in Endovascular Today –The Problem of Endovenous Overablation and Insufficiently Trained Operators.

Vein Specialist Centers (formerly Princeton Vascular Center) is led by our vascular surgeon, Dr Alissa Brotman O’Neill and is dedicated solely to the management of vascular disease.

Unlike all other specialties,  training in venous disease and varicose veins is part of the formal education of a vascular surgeon.   The intensity and breadth of that training cannot be over emphasized when it comes to deciding the right expert for your vein treatment plan.  In addition to completing a 5 year general surgery program, Dr. Brotman completed a dedicated 2 year fellowship in vascular surgery that emphasized the proper treatment of vein disease. She has board certifications in vascular surgery and vascular imaging required for varicose vein treatment.

Vein Treatment should be performed by a trained vascular specialist. Vascular surgery is the only specialty recognized by the American Board of Specialties in which the treatment of venous insufficiency is part of the curriculum. While technology has improved drastically and veins are no longer treated within the operating room, minimally-invasive procedures still require expertise.  It is also important to remember that while new techniques such as ablation and sclerotherapy are preferred, not all patients will benefit from simply using these tools alone. This type of judgement comes with the training of a vascular surgeon.

As you are searching your options for vein treatment, an important question to ask your vein doctor is what kind of formal training did they receive for vascular disease?  Was vein training a part of their residency or fellowship education? This is the only recognized way to obtain board certification for management of vascular disease.

We hope that while you have many options for your vein treatments, Vein Treatment Centers will stand-out as providing the highest standard of vein care.